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Quality Policy

Quality and the continuous improvement of quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by NEL Technologies Limited and is promoted, supported and encouraged by all the company management and practiced by all personnel.

Quality is achieved and improved by working systematically to structured and formalised procedures and NEL Technologies Limited has implemented, maintains and develops its procedures and processes in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

NEL Technologies Limited is committed to:

  • Assessing internal and external risks in accordance with the above standard using the process approach.
  • Producing a quality product, this satisfies, and where possible exceeds, customer expectations.
  • Providing all employees with information and training appropriate to the performance of their job.
  • Encouraging employees to develop their skills and knowledge to the benefit of both employees and the company.
  • Setting measurable objectives which are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the business.
  • Striving continually to improve performance in relation to quality.
  • Complying with all its legal, statutory and regulatory obligations.

NEL Technologies Limited expects all persons working within the company to accept their responsibilities for quality.

The quality policy and objectives shall be reviewed annually at a management review meeting to ensure that they are appropriate to the companies' needs and requirements.