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Flexible heaters

Neltec® provides electrical heating elements and a complete thermal management solution for surface heating substrates.

By combining etched foil heaters and thermal protection systems with heatsink design, Neltec® produce fully assembled and functionally tested heater units. Alternatively, a simple flexible heater mat can be supplied in any shape and almost any size, voltage and wattage with lead assemblies and connectors.

These innovative Neltec® etched foil heaters incorporate:

• High precision etched metal foil technology which allows electrical resistance control beyond the industry standards.
• Thermostat, thermal fuse or thermistor control and protection.
Polyimide heaters, available in low moisture retention polyimide dielectric.
Kapton heaters, use Kapton® dielectric supplied by DuPont.
Polyester heaters, available in optical grade polyester dielectric.
Silicone rubber heaters, available in a variety of silicone rubber dielectric constructions including wearpad applications
• Environmentally secure multi-layer construction with operating temperature range from -195°C to +230°C.
• Simple or complex shapes in a wide range of sizes engineered to bond direct to any surface or to custom heatsink assemblies.
• Prototype and production quantities with rapid prototyping service available within 48 hours.
• Special applications available in other dielectric materials (e.g. nomex) and wire wound heaters.

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